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Setup Menus in Admin Panel

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NOTE: Read the following before you REGISTER:

When you register for this site you automatically get student access to all courses. However, to change your role as an Instructor, you need to register by filling the form on this page. Once you register and submit, your role will be changed so that you are able to access Instructor-only pages and create courses/manage your students.

Briefly, these are going to be some of the terms.

  1. You will CREATE a Course and run it as the instructor with necessary guidance from Crownem Admin.
  2. We will give you access to Crownem web page from where you will be able to create your Course.
  3. The Course you create will only be published by the Admin. So, once you finishing creating it, you will submit it online to Admin for verification and publishing.
  4. You will decide whether the Course you create will be entirely FREE or only some Units in the course. For the units you will be selling, you will determine your own price. If we feel you should reconsider, we will advise you accordingly.
  5. Your course can be divided into sections which you may call Topics, depending on the nature of your course. We advise that you email us your course outline so that we advise you on the best structure that will work on out platform.
  6. For any units that you decide to sell, we will charge you only 30% Admin fees. You will receive the remaining 70% as your Commission of the paid amount.
  7. The course will be ready to be published when you are ready!
  8. The course can be a subject in High school, or a course in College, or simply capacity building course in whichever area of your choice.
  9. Depending on the nature of your course, you may need to record a video explanation or lecture accompanied with subtitles or writings/demonstrations etc... You can do this yourself if you have a good quality video camera or Mobile phone. You can share with us a not-more-than 2 minute clip of the video via dropbox, you can upload it to your profile on crownem, or on our Facebook page or Twitter....or simply check with us if you need help on how to share it with us. To be able to use use it in the course, you ay require to have a Youtube account, on which you will upload the video as UNLISTED so that it does not appear  publicly online and then embed the link on the course. We do not allow uploading of videos on our page. However, if you have a challenge doing that, we will be able to upload it on our Youtube channel and share with you the link to embed on the course.
  10. Should you have any problems preparing, uploading or any technical problem in creating your course, feel free to contact us via
  11. Let us know if you have any specific questions to be guided further.


  1. Now, you need to update your profile. If you registered on our registration page, much of the information may already be there.
  2. Upload your profile photo and invite other members as your friend because you may need to consult with them as you create your course. We recommend you invite Vitalice as your friend. He is already a member and an instructor. He will be of great hep to you.
  3. You  can also create a Group and invite members to join you in it.
  4. You can also create a Forum where people can post topics for others to comment and help.
  5. If you signed up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, click on your name or where your profile photo is supposed to appear or simply go to the Dashboard, then Profile and click on EDIT to add more information.
  6. It is only after you enter the information required on your profile THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE YOU AN INSTRUCTOR.






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