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Course Introduction

This is an introductory session for this course. Take it before proceeding to the unit on Nouns/Noms.


Welcome to FRENCH Language Course. This course is meant for those who would like to learn the language as a second language or as a Foreign language. The full course is divided into four Levels. The four Levels are comparable to the International Standards also known as Niveau A1, Niveau A2, Niveau B1 and Niveau B2. The 4th Level B2 is comparable to a full Diploma level.

Also note that here you will get video explanations of tips that will help you to study by yourself. French being a language, it is important to get friends to exercise with on regular basis in order to speak it.

We appreciate any feedback that will enable us to improve this service in order to make the learning experience enjoyable for you.

This Section is FREE to all members. It has general lessons for everyone. However, there is a Premium Section for those who would like to follow the international curriculum using Alter-Ego+ methodology and sit for DELF exams. You have to change your membership level Premium to access it. In case of difficulties in doing that, contact us for help.

We request you NOT to share any videos on this platform with any other person who has not registered on this site. If you do, we may be forced to discontinue your learning without notice.

We hope you will enjoy learning French.

Bonne continuation! 🙂

Once you complete watching this video continue to the next Unit: Nouns/Noms.


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